Friendship Of A Gentle Soul by Kevin Legge

He sits and stares at the wall,
His mind so very afraid,
Casts a dark and gloomy pall,
Of this shadows are made.
All he wants is to fit in,
All he craves is peace,
Looking at a stranger’s sin,
Begging for surcease.
What woes trouble gentle mind,
What terrors seek him out,
Why is he left behind,
Why do others doubt?
He sees the world through his soul,
He knows what happens there,
Unity is his goal,
Friendship without care.


Sleep by Kevin Legge

Coming of night overwhelms the day,
When all bright creatures should sleep,
Somnolent orders they all must obey,
And slumber ever so deep.
Lay your head down and close your eyes,
Still your racing mind,
Don’t fear the shadows are just a disguise,
Don’t seek, or you shall find.
Dream of the days that soon shall be,
Dream of happy things,
Don’t dream of terrors, or you shall see,
Terrors with leathery wings.
Coming of day defeats the night,
Wake up you sleepy head,
Shadows all flee from the light,
From darkness you are led.