For My Dear by Kevin Legge

I sit and think,
I ponder life,
To swim or sink,
Peace or strife.
My beautiful dear,
Who holds my heart,
Who holds off my fear,
That we will part.
I kneel and pray,
I bow my head,
How bright the day,
Without dread.
She holds me tight,
She strokes my back,
I will not fight,
I will not lack.
She comforts me,
She is my dear,
For all to see,
For all to hear.


Meander by Kevin Legge

My thoughts meander
through the halls of my mind
Softly they roam
Ever seeking to find
Behind closed doors
While hazy, they sleep
Good and the bad
Ever so deep
Now comes the light
From time yet to come
It chases the shadows
It chases them from
Within the rooms
So silent and bleak
Nary a whisper
Humble and meek
Open the doors
Reveal all the past
Clean out the cobwebs
Peaceful at last.