Moment Of Mine by Kevin Legge

Her lips,
A taste of cherries,
Savory sweetness – understated wine,
Pulling me under,
Lost in the moment – the moment of mine.


Lost Soul by Kevin Legge

Lost soul, crying out for peace,
Wandering through the graveyards of my mind,
Terrorized, looking for surcease,
For all that you had left behind.
Looking through the windows to an empty room,
Empty of all but pain,
Your eyes reflect your fatal gloom,
Madly they spin, insane.
Haunting is all that you now can do,
Behind the curtain of life,
Mistakes of the past, you now rue,
Unforgiving, filled with strife.
Where do you go, you poor, sad thing?
From where did you come?
Gentle your touch, like a butterfly’s wing,
Sadly, your spirit so numb.