Jackie by Kevin Legge

Beautiful eyes of vivid green,
Soft, smooth hair of brown,
Oh such loveliness I’ve seen,
She should wear a crown.
I’d love to see her day and night,
I’d love to hold her hand,
I’d love to tell her all is right,
Writings in the sand.
When she smiles it seems to me,
She’s my heart’s delight,
She’s as lovely as she can be,
Soft and warm and bright.
I say so now, I say to you,
I whisper in your ear,
As the sky above is blue,
So, you are my dear.


Illuminating by Kevin Legge

Lazy Summer day
Forest dappled with delight
A cool, refreshing breeze
Chase your cares away
Walking on a hill
Not caring where you’re going
Stop and drink your fill
From cold, rushing stream
You wait to hear from her
Whom you hold in your heart
Dusk creeps in stealthily
Keeping you apart
With last gasping breath
A ray of light shines down
Illuminating all the world
Removing every frown.

Meander by Kevin Legge

My thoughts meander
through the halls of my mind
Softly they roam
Ever seeking to find
Behind closed doors
While hazy, they sleep
Good and the bad
Ever so deep
Now comes the light
From time yet to come
It chases the shadows
It chases them from
Within the rooms
So silent and bleak
Nary a whisper
Humble and meek
Open the doors
Reveal all the past
Clean out the cobwebs
Peaceful at last.

Sleep by Kevin Legge

Coming of night overwhelms the day,
When all bright creatures should sleep,
Somnolent orders they all must obey,
And slumber ever so deep.
Lay your head down and close your eyes,
Still your racing mind,
Don’t fear the shadows are just a disguise,
Don’t seek, or you shall find.
Dream of the days that soon shall be,
Dream of happy things,
Don’t dream of terrors, or you shall see,
Terrors with leathery wings.
Coming of day defeats the night,
Wake up you sleepy head,
Shadows all flee from the light,
From darkness you are led.