She Walks by Kevin Legge

She walks through the paths of my mind,
Graceful and lovely she beckons to me,
Emerald eyes, so soft and so kind,
Soothing beauty is what I see.
She reaches and kisses me on the cheek,
She smiles and the world goes away,
She is neither timid nor meek,
Bright is her laughter, just like the day.
She is my hope, my faith, and my dear,
She holds my heart in her hand,
Her joyous laughter banishes fear,
Rippling waves cross the land.


Frivolous by Kevin Legge

Not looking where he’s going
he doesn’t care at all
He’s looking for someone to laugh
At his mighty fall.
Face painted bright
All the colors of the world
Grinning with delight
Flowing cape, unfurled.
He dances with abandon
He dances with desire
With one great leap he flies so high
Lofty goal, aspire.
The harlequin pauses
To take a stately bow
Wipes his hand across his face
To soothe his sweating brow.
Sitting at his ease
He gazes at the sky
Wonders if he should dance some more
If someone wanders by.