Be True Little One by Kevin Legge

To sit and rock,
With racing mind,
How to unlock,
How to find.
What is the key,
To open his soul,
What would we see,
What is his goal.
He wants one thing,
In his life,
The truth to ring,
The end of strife.
To only belong,
To only fit in,
It is not wrong,
It is no sin.
Lift up his head,
And comfort him,
Ease his dread,
The sharpness, dim.
Tell him no lie,
Tell him with love,
Shuddering sigh,
From up, Above.
Be true to your life,
Be what you desire,
Sharp is the knife,
Hot is the fire.
You are just right,
There is no wrong,
All is light,
All is song.


Simple Faith by Kevin Legge

A dew-kissed petal,
A sun-drenched field,
Gentle breeze whispering on my face,
I gaze at the azure sky,
Teeming with winged life,
I ask myself if this was merely
An accident of chance.
When I bite into a succulent peach,
The flavor bursting on my tongue,
I no longer ponder,
I no longer ask.
Who can believe other
Than that there is a
Master Architect?
For only God could create
Such joy and life.
I look at the platypus and I know
That God, indeed, has a great
Sense of humor.
I am content in my belief,
Which has gone beyond faith.
God believes in me,
Can I do any less?