Friendship Of A Gentle Soul by Kevin Legge

He sits and stares at the wall,
His mind so very afraid,
Casts a dark and gloomy pall,
Of this shadows are made.
All he wants is to fit in,
All he craves is peace,
Looking at a stranger’s sin,
Begging for surcease.
What woes trouble gentle mind,
What terrors seek him out,
Why is he left behind,
Why do others doubt?
He sees the world through his soul,
He knows what happens there,
Unity is his goal,
Friendship without care.


Gentle Love by Kevin Legge

Walking through the forest
Surrounded by the trees
Clean, sparkling breath
Sets my mind at ease
Casting sight above
To a small, wispy cloud
I smile joyously
Then I laugh out loud
Love can come to you
Through the nights – through the days
From a newly-budded rose
To a softly whispered phrase
Gentle comes the night
Silently you sleep
All you need is one good friend
Your heart to hold – to keep.