She Walks by Kevin Legge

She walks through the paths of my mind,
Graceful and lovely she beckons to me,
Emerald eyes, so soft and so kind,
Soothing beauty is what I see.
She reaches and kisses me on the cheek,
She smiles and the world goes away,
She is neither timid nor meek,
Bright is her laughter, just like the day.
She is my hope, my faith, and my dear,
She holds my heart in her hand,
Her joyous laughter banishes fear,
Rippling waves cross the land.


For My Dear by Kevin Legge

I sit and think,
I ponder life,
To swim or sink,
Peace or strife.
My beautiful dear,
Who holds my heart,
Who holds off my fear,
That we will part.
I kneel and pray,
I bow my head,
How bright the day,
Without dread.
She holds me tight,
She strokes my back,
I will not fight,
I will not lack.
She comforts me,
She is my dear,
For all to see,
For all to hear.

Togetherness by Kevin Legge

Though we’re not always together
Though we’re sometimes apart
All of this we weather
Because we both have heart
There is much that we can do
When we’re not together, dear
Talk, or text, or email too
Distant, yet so near
Soon will I have the way
To come to you as one
That will be a joyous day
Comfort in the sun
I say to you, my lovely dear
I hold this in my heart
Never more need we fear
Never more apart.