Meek Little One by Kevin Legge

Sitting, staring, with wounded eyes,
Glittering blood on his cheek,
The river of tears, as he cries,
Sadness in child so meek.
He sought only for a friend,
Someone to call his own,
A willing hand he would lend,
For he was so scared and alone.
With courage he reached forth his hand,
For a friend that would be so dear,
The sun shone across the land,
Sparkling smile so near.
With malicious grin, the other one stood,
And slapped the boy’s gentle face,
Meek and mild, wholesomely good,
His thoughts began to race.
Curled inside, wrapped in a ball,
Confusion and terror his mates,
Witness of the other’s spiteful fall,
Unknown his likes and hates.
Now the child, gentle and meek,
Sits and rocks all day,
Forever afraid again to seek,
For what, he no longer can say.


Be True Little One by Kevin Legge

To sit and rock,
With racing mind,
How to unlock,
How to find.
What is the key,
To open his soul,
What would we see,
What is his goal.
He wants one thing,
In his life,
The truth to ring,
The end of strife.
To only belong,
To only fit in,
It is not wrong,
It is no sin.
Lift up his head,
And comfort him,
Ease his dread,
The sharpness, dim.
Tell him no lie,
Tell him with love,
Shuddering sigh,
From up, Above.
Be true to your life,
Be what you desire,
Sharp is the knife,
Hot is the fire.
You are just right,
There is no wrong,
All is light,
All is song.

For A Special Person by Kevin Legge

I see the child sitting there,
Alone and friendless, sad,
Trapped within a racing mind,
Looking like he’s mad.
All the world thinks he is,
Hateful of the rest,
But I know he really is,
Among the very best.
He’s been so misunderstood,
So brave and so true,
To his inner environment,
The world has not a clue.
They say he’s anti-social,
They say he doesn’t care,
But I know he really is,
A soul that’s been stripped bare.
He loves all the people,
He wants to belong,
He sees the world around him,
He sees what is wrong.
He lives in his head,
He lives in his mind,
Why, he often asks himself,
Has he been left behind?
I say to you friend,
I say this is true,
Be what you want to be,
Perfectly you.

My Lady Dear by Kevin Legge

Where did the time go?
Yesterday I was a child
And now I am a man
Like a river flow
Rushing past, so wild
All part of the Plan
I remember learning to write
I remember learning to read
I feel the coming of night
I feel, too, my need
Through my mind so bold
My thoughts race, indeed
Oh so icy cold
Wild stallion – steed
Comes now a light
Warm as can be
Chases away the night
Sets my spirit free
She dances through my life
She comforts me with care
Takes away my strife
Oh my maiden fair
She holds me, warm embrace
She whispers in my ear
The distant night I face
For my lady, dear.