Meek Little One by Kevin Legge

Sitting, staring, with wounded eyes,
Glittering blood on his cheek,
The river of tears, as he cries,
Sadness in child so meek.
He sought only for a friend,
Someone to call his own,
A willing hand he would lend,
For he was so scared and alone.
With courage he reached forth his hand,
For a friend that would be so dear,
The sun shone across the land,
Sparkling smile so near.
With malicious grin, the other one stood,
And slapped the boy’s gentle face,
Meek and mild, wholesomely good,
His thoughts began to race.
Curled inside, wrapped in a ball,
Confusion and terror his mates,
Witness of the other’s spiteful fall,
Unknown his likes and hates.
Now the child, gentle and meek,
Sits and rocks all day,
Forever afraid again to seek,
For what, he no longer can say.


Friendship Of A Gentle Soul by Kevin Legge

He sits and stares at the wall,
His mind so very afraid,
Casts a dark and gloomy pall,
Of this shadows are made.
All he wants is to fit in,
All he craves is peace,
Looking at a stranger’s sin,
Begging for surcease.
What woes trouble gentle mind,
What terrors seek him out,
Why is he left behind,
Why do others doubt?
He sees the world through his soul,
He knows what happens there,
Unity is his goal,
Friendship without care.

Be True Little One by Kevin Legge

To sit and rock,
With racing mind,
How to unlock,
How to find.
What is the key,
To open his soul,
What would we see,
What is his goal.
He wants one thing,
In his life,
The truth to ring,
The end of strife.
To only belong,
To only fit in,
It is not wrong,
It is no sin.
Lift up his head,
And comfort him,
Ease his dread,
The sharpness, dim.
Tell him no lie,
Tell him with love,
Shuddering sigh,
From up, Above.
Be true to your life,
Be what you desire,
Sharp is the knife,
Hot is the fire.
You are just right,
There is no wrong,
All is light,
All is song.

For A Special Person by Kevin Legge

I see the child sitting there,
Alone and friendless, sad,
Trapped within a racing mind,
Looking like he’s mad.
All the world thinks he is,
Hateful of the rest,
But I know he really is,
Among the very best.
He’s been so misunderstood,
So brave and so true,
To his inner environment,
The world has not a clue.
They say he’s anti-social,
They say he doesn’t care,
But I know he really is,
A soul that’s been stripped bare.
He loves all the people,
He wants to belong,
He sees the world around him,
He sees what is wrong.
He lives in his head,
He lives in his mind,
Why, he often asks himself,
Has he been left behind?
I say to you friend,
I say this is true,
Be what you want to be,
Perfectly you.

Puzzled Soul by Kevin Legge

Try to hide from the World,
But the Darkness will not cover.
Hands flapping,
A semaphore of my Anguish.
Why can’t I Belong?
Why do they Judge?
I am only Me –
The only Me that I know,
A Puzzle to myself.
I jump at the slightest Sound,
Secure in my Fear.
The crystal edge of my Terror
Shaping my very Life,
Making me fear for my Sanity.
They Stigmatize me for my Differences.
Who are they to Judge me?
We are all Human,
Common race of Individuals.
Struggling to Conform,
We lose the bright and shining
Moments of Life.
I no longer know who you are,
But I know myself.
I am Me.

Little One by Kevin Legge

Why do you fear?
What thoughts race through your mind?
What terrors cause you to tremble,
Oh sad, little one?
Lift up your head,
Gaze at the stars.
You are one among many –
Different, yet the same.
Who walks through life,
Without any fear?
Has such a one been born?
Let a smile light up your face,
Causing your eyes to dance and sparkle.
You are who you are,
Not what others would have you be.
Fear not, adventurous one,
For you are not alone.
You are just like me.