Happy Fourth by Kevin Legge

The fireworks crackle, sizzle, and pop
The night air is filled with radiant blaze
We all wish that they won’t stop
But go on and on and on for days.
Reds, greens, blues, and gold
The rainbow of our life
May we all never grow old
Never be filled with strife.
With a final bang, bright with cheer
With a triumphant yell
We are done, for the year
Ringing of the bell.


Happy Fourth of July

I won’t be posting much today or tomorrow, so I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy fourth of July. Be safe and have fun! 🙂
I’ll probably be back, posting some more poems, on the 5th.
Final note: anyone who’s interested in Blitz3d programming (mainly artificial intelligence programming at the moment) can check out my other blog – which I started this morning – at http://blitz3dprogramming.wordpress.com
Have a great day, and a safe and happy holiday!

For A Special Person by Kevin Legge

I see the child sitting there,
Alone and friendless, sad,
Trapped within a racing mind,
Looking like he’s mad.
All the world thinks he is,
Hateful of the rest,
But I know he really is,
Among the very best.
He’s been so misunderstood,
So brave and so true,
To his inner environment,
The world has not a clue.
They say he’s anti-social,
They say he doesn’t care,
But I know he really is,
A soul that’s been stripped bare.
He loves all the people,
He wants to belong,
He sees the world around him,
He sees what is wrong.
He lives in his head,
He lives in his mind,
Why, he often asks himself,
Has he been left behind?
I say to you friend,
I say this is true,
Be what you want to be,
Perfectly you.

Slumber Deep by Kevin Legge

When you lay down, in slumber deep,
When you close your eyes so tight,
When you try so hard to go to sleep,
When you’ve turned out the light.
That’s when all the ghosts and ghouls,
Caper in your mind,
That’s when the shadow fools,
That’s when you’re blind.
So cover up your head so tight,
To keep the bad things out,
Try to believe everything is right,
Don’t you scream or shout.
In the middle of the night,
When all should be asleep,
Do you ever wake in fright,
From a slumber deep?

Jackie by Kevin Legge

Beautiful eyes of vivid green,
Soft, smooth hair of brown,
Oh such loveliness I’ve seen,
She should wear a crown.
I’d love to see her day and night,
I’d love to hold her hand,
I’d love to tell her all is right,
Writings in the sand.
When she smiles it seems to me,
She’s my heart’s delight,
She’s as lovely as she can be,
Soft and warm and bright.
I say so now, I say to you,
I whisper in your ear,
As the sky above is blue,
So, you are my dear.

Beautiful Woman by Kevin Legge

I see her as she dances,
Across the crystal lake,
I see her, beautiful woman,
So lovely that I ache.
She moves so gracefully,
Soft hair in earthen flow,
I see her, beautiful woman,
Someone I should know.
She saunters ever closer,
She gazes at my face,
I see her, beautiful woman,
Of each and every race.
She leans and looks at me,
She whispers in my ear,
I hear you, beautiful woman,
I hear you, oh my dear.

Simple Faith by Kevin Legge

A dew-kissed petal,
A sun-drenched field,
Gentle breeze whispering on my face,
I gaze at the azure sky,
Teeming with winged life,
I ask myself if this was merely
An accident of chance.
When I bite into a succulent peach,
The flavor bursting on my tongue,
I no longer ponder,
I no longer ask.
Who can believe other
Than that there is a
Master Architect?
For only God could create
Such joy and life.
I look at the platypus and I know
That God, indeed, has a great
Sense of humor.
I am content in my belief,
Which has gone beyond faith.
God believes in me,
Can I do any less?