Illuminating by Kevin Legge

Lazy Summer day
Forest dappled with delight
A cool, refreshing breeze
Chase your cares away
Walking on a hill
Not caring where you’re going
Stop and drink your fill
From cold, rushing stream
You wait to hear from her
Whom you hold in your heart
Dusk creeps in stealthily
Keeping you apart
With last gasping breath
A ray of light shines down
Illuminating all the world
Removing every frown.


Flight Of A Dove by Kevin Legge

Thoughts race through your head
Try to stop the pain
Struggle to belong
Crying, gentle rain.
Sadness fills your days
Wakefulness, your nights
Silent misery
Put out all the lights.
Look at the world
Smile with your love
Lift your weary head up high
Softness of a dove.

Frivolous by Kevin Legge

Not looking where he’s going
he doesn’t care at all
He’s looking for someone to laugh
At his mighty fall.
Face painted bright
All the colors of the world
Grinning with delight
Flowing cape, unfurled.
He dances with abandon
He dances with desire
With one great leap he flies so high
Lofty goal, aspire.
The harlequin pauses
To take a stately bow
Wipes his hand across his face
To soothe his sweating brow.
Sitting at his ease
He gazes at the sky
Wonders if he should dance some more
If someone wanders by.

Missing You by Kevin Legge

I sit alone and think of you,
Of the way we talk and smile.
The feel as I hold your hand,
Laughing all the while.
Sauntering along,
On a warm, breezy day.
I turn to look at you,
And this I have to say:
You give me comfort,
A warmness in my heart.
You, my lovely woman,
May we never part.
Each and every day,
That I’m away from thee,
How much I’m missing you,
So very much I see.
I am a simple man,
With passion in my heart.
You are so beautiful,
A living work of Art.

Gentle Love by Kevin Legge

Walking through the forest
Surrounded by the trees
Clean, sparkling breath
Sets my mind at ease
Casting sight above
To a small, wispy cloud
I smile joyously
Then I laugh out loud
Love can come to you
Through the nights – through the days
From a newly-budded rose
To a softly whispered phrase
Gentle comes the night
Silently you sleep
All you need is one good friend
Your heart to hold – to keep.