Family Life

My girlfriend’s son, who is currently being taught at a school for the blind near Boston, will be arriving home in another week for the holidays. He is on the spectrum and is a major source of inspiration for my poems and writings. I see, on a daily basis, just how he struggles with the things that most people take for granted. I see, also, how he overcomes obstacles that would give most people pause. He is a guiding light to all who know him and I’m glad to count him as a friend.

Meek Little One by Kevin Legge

Sitting, staring, with wounded eyes,
Glittering blood on his cheek,
The river of tears, as he cries,
Sadness in child so meek.
He sought only for a friend,
Someone to call his own,
A willing hand he would lend,
For he was so scared and alone.
With courage he reached forth his hand,
For a friend that would be so dear,
The sun shone across the land,
Sparkling smile so near.
With malicious grin, the other one stood,
And slapped the boy’s gentle face,
Meek and mild, wholesomely good,
His thoughts began to race.
Curled inside, wrapped in a ball,
Confusion and terror his mates,
Witness of the other’s spiteful fall,
Unknown his likes and hates.
Now the child, gentle and meek,
Sits and rocks all day,
Forever afraid again to seek,
For what, he no longer can say.

Life Things :)

I know that I haven’t posted much during the last handful of days and I’m going to try to rectify that. Several things are going on in my life – a new and wonderful relationship with a lovely woman (Jackie and I just celebrated our 1 month anniversary 2 days ago!); helping my brother-in-law build an addition on his house; a new job. You know – life things πŸ™‚
Anyway, just letting you know that I’ll post more poems when I can. In the meantime, I want to thank each and every one of you who stop by this blog. I hope that you enjoy my writings as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Friendship Of A Gentle Soul by Kevin Legge

He sits and stares at the wall,
His mind so very afraid,
Casts a dark and gloomy pall,
Of this shadows are made.
All he wants is to fit in,
All he craves is peace,
Looking at a stranger’s sin,
Begging for surcease.
What woes trouble gentle mind,
What terrors seek him out,
Why is he left behind,
Why do others doubt?
He sees the world through his soul,
He knows what happens there,
Unity is his goal,
Friendship without care.